The 90 minute session that will make the difference to your marketing

Get your marketing thinking right and you’ll develop Marketing that works.

We’re bombarded with decisions and choices to make as business owners – sometimes you just need to take the time out to cut through the clutter and see the best way forward.

In our Strategic Sounding Board session, I’ll create the time and space for you to untangle the marketing issue you want to tackle.

Providing an objective, expert ear, I’ll listen, question, and help you find the best way way forward.

You’ll come away with more clarify, focus and confidence about your marketing.


Take the first step to arrange your Strategic Sounding Board Session with Kara:

 Kara is superb at strategic marketing, always coming up with direct, simple and applicable ideas and strategies to help companies make their marketing stand out..”

Nick Keith

Editor, WordSmith, Author

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