Strategic marketing workshops for your management team

Are you and your senior team close to marketing success but need some expert help to get there?

Sometimes you can see that you are almost there with your marketing thinking and plans…but not quite. That’s when bringing your management team together for a facilitated strategic marketing workshop can make the difference.

In these half day or day workshops, I can help you and your senior team answer key marketing questions, such as:

  • what is our marketing strategy? Is it right?
  • how can we improve our marketing?
  • what marketing should we be focussing on?

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Together, we can also troubleshoot specific areas of your marketing, depending on what you need:

  • market position – what it is, what it should be, how to make that change
  • markets and segments – who you are currently targeting, who you should be targeting, getting an in-depth understanding of them
  • products and services – what are you offering, at what price and how well is this working for your organisation?
  • how robust is your marketing and sales funnel and where does it need looking at and fixing.

Contact me to have an initial conversation about your marketing issues, and what we could focus on in a facilitated strategic marketing workshop:

 Over a series of workshops, Kara analysed our approach to marketing and all the related activities.

She then helped us create a clarity of purpose and a marketing plan to achieve our goals.

One of the results has been a 485% increase in visitor numbers from one target group in one month alone – as well as income increasing from other segments.

Simon Jay

MD, Butser Ancient Farm

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