Work with a Strategic Marketing Consultant who brings clarity and focus

Do you feel that your marketing isn’t quite right, but can’t figure out why?

I can help.

If you want to bring in a Strategic Marketing partner to create a long term, sustainable, results-focused approach to your organisation’s marketing, this is the option for you.

Working with you and your management team, we’ll take a structured, methodical approach to clearly answer those big strategic marketing questions – the ones that shape your whole business. The ones that determine the marketing you need to ‘do’.

*  *  *  *

By the end of our time together:

  • you will clearly understand which services or products you are selling and to whom and at what price
  • you will know how to market and sell to these customers in an effective, respectful way
  • you will have logically and objectively assessed your current marketing’s performance
  • you will have a prioritised Marketing Improvement Plan to start making immediate marketing improvements, and;
  • a detailed Tactical Marketing Plan ready to start filling your pipeline.

  Kara left us with a Marketing Department that has strategic direction and a template for creating and setting ongoing marketing activity.

This reinforces our expert position, brings prospects into our funnel, and keeps us at front of mind of those already in our network.

Richard Sambrook Smith

Managing Director, Novatia

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