I help businesses grow and succeed. Here’s how I do it.

  • I systematically look at what problems you’re solving, who you are solving them for, and the solutions you’re providing. If you get this wrong you’re building everything else on shaky ground.
  • I ask you hard questions. I challenge you around how you define your segments. I look at your product portfolio and ask for clarity around why you think those products at those prices are what your customers need to solve their problems.
  • I check to see if your marketing objectives are going to help you grow your business or if they are too woolly and undefined.
  • I help you determine how you are going to reach the people whose problems you can solve and engage with those people in a respectful way, so that they choose you to solve their problems.
  • Together we’ll look at all of your marketing activity and assess how effective it is. Then I then help you put a plan of action in place. I can even help you implement that plan if you wish.
  • Already I have helped many businesses to successfully determine their growth strategies and make them happen. And I’d love to help you too.

So if you need someone like me in your business, then call me.

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