About KMS Marketing

KMS Marketing is a Hampshire, UK, based strategic marketing consultancy that helps businesses improve their marketing so it delivers long-term success.

KMS Marketing is run by Kara Stanford, a Chartered Marketer and lecturer with the Oxford College of Marketing.

So, Kara, why did you set up KMS Marketing?

I set up KMS Marketing because I love to help people; especially those brave, crazy, people who have set up their own businesses. I love the agility and can do attitude of SMEs and I want to ensure we have a thriving SME sector here in the UK.

I also set up my own business because I hate waste; I hate watching people waste their valuable time and hard-earned cash on marketing that doesn’t work. They deserve better.

Finally, I launched KMS Marketing because, while I am a marketing theory geek, I am highly practical; I think marketing theory, applied well, is one of the most powerful things you can do to help an organisation succeed.


What size organisation can you help?

I work with organisations which have the budget and resource to invest in a strategic marketing consultant and know that it is a growth investment – not a cost.

I know though that not all SMEs are in a position to bring me in (yet!), so because I believe that a strong business community builds a stronger economy, which benefits everyone, I offer resources that are free or low cost. These include:

  • My informative blog
  • A monthly newsletter full of practical marketing advice
  • Webinars
  • Seminars and events
  • Links to free video tutorials and seminars
  • Signposts to a whole host of other useful material

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