It’s the beginning of the festive season and if inspiration is running low, here are some Christmas marketing ideas that you can still implement now.


Top tips

Before we begin, here are some top tips to help you make sure you focus your efforts on the ideas that are going to be most effective.

1. I’ve grouped the ideas by the stages of the Buyers’ Journey. If you’re pushed for time, pick one from the Aware stage and one from Loyalty. This means you’re getting your name out there and carrying on building relationships with your current customers.

2. When making people aware that your organisation exists at Christmas, make sure whichever marketing tactic you use, it’s still relevant to your audience. So, if your audience like calm, considered communications choose ones that suit that. Similarly, if your brand positioning is whacky and wild, keep your Christmas marketing in that vein.

3. Think about the effort involved – how much effort are you going to have to put in over the whole season? For example, there are  great things you can do around ‘Advent Calendars’ but do you have the time and budget to do a new thing everyday?


Ideas for: profile raising

Hitting the first stage of the Buyers Journey, here are some ideas you can implement now.

  • Create social post cards, in something like Canva, with festive messages, covering Christmas and New Year
  • Post photos of your organisation Christmas celebrations / office Christmas decorations on your socials
  • Comment on other people’s Christmas social posts
  • Run a competition with a good / relevant prize (i.e. something that people actually want to win!)
  • Do a quiz or a poll on a topic relevant to your organisation with a festive twist e.g. should companies do Christmas marketing in November?
  • Share some festive facts that are relevant to your business / organisation eg Did you know we use an extra 1000 kilos of flour over the Christmas period to meet demand for our cakes?
  • Run a series of socials over December – pick one topic and issue a new social every few days
  • Sponsor a local Christmas Event e.g. school fair, amateur dramatics performance, or donate a prize to their raffle.


Ideas for: keeping their interest

  • Write a blog post / article / paper / e-shot or do a video / webinar which looks back on the year and provides some genuinely interesting reflections and commentary – keep this relevant to your business and audience
  • Do the same as above but looking forward to the next year i.e. trends, predictions, what to look out for
  • Send or give actual Christmas cards or a small gift eg branded pens, post it notes, to people in your network.


Ideas for: those who are considering making a purchase

If you want to nudge people through to Adoption (i.e. making a commitment to your organisation), you can do some of these as long as they appropriate to your organisation and audience.

  • Offer a discount if they commit and pay before you close for Christmas
  • Invite them to a customer only Christmas event so they can see what being a customer could look like and meet satisfied customers
  • Give them a small, suitable gift.



Ideas for: those who are customers / your champions

These are for those people who have a relationship with you / your organisation. This includes customers and ‘champions’ – the people that recommend and refer you to others. If budget and time is a consideration here, then prioritise them.

Priority criteria might include: the five people who have given you the most referrals this year; the top ten easy to work with clients; your top spending customers. Pick criteria that are relevant to your business and situation.

  • Send them an actual Christmas card (not virtual) with a personalised hand written message and a suitable gift.
  • If you read this in time, Advent Calendars are an AMAZING gift – people love to get chocolate and they sit on their desk for most of December.
  • Host or organise, whichever is appropriate, Christmas drinks or lunch or mince pies… this can be held in the New Year if time is short now.
  • Ask them to vote on which charity you should make a donation to this year.
  • Give them a voucher to use and one for them to give to a friend (again, make sure this is worth while to them).


These are a few ideas focussed on what you can do right now for your Christmas Marketing. Whatever you do, keep it genuine, realistic, and what people will appreciate. This leads to your Christmas Marketing being effective and welcome.


Kara Stanford is a Strategic Marketer based in Hampshire, UK.

She runs KMS Marketing, a Strategic Marketing Consultancy, is the CEO and Founder of The Marketing Spaces, and tutors for Oxford College of Marketing.

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