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Portrait image of Joanna Gaudoin of Inside Out Image
Interview with Joanna Gaudoin, Consultant, Speaker,
and Managing Director at Inside Out Image





  • Inside Out Image was a successful business but its marketing approach relied heavily on time-intensive personal marketing and sales tactics – this had to change
  • Kara initially focused on strategic marketing fundamentals of who the business should be targeting and how
  • She then reviewed Inside Out Image’s existing marketing and recommended a plan of immediate improvements
  • Kara then created a structured Marketing Plan focusing on how to bring in new clients without relying on networking and speaking engagements
  • The results have been more clients through online activities as well as improving the conversion rate of enquiries to sales.

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“I’m a strategic and disciplined worker with past working experience in marketing but I just felt what we were doing wasn’t working quite as well as I wanted.

A lot of my clients came from networking, referrals or having heard me speak. I wanted new ways of finding clients – I can’t network every hour of the day – but I wanted a strategy and structure to this process.

For me, the main problem was looking at the amount of time I needed to attract new clients against the amount of time I actually had. How could I use this time best?

I also felt as if I was trying to do too much and under huge pressure just to do everything. I was continually reading new marketing theories in books, seeking different advice from different people. I was trying to do everything, and it felt too chaotic.

I needed someone to come in and rationalise how much time I needed to spend on new methods to find clients and to both reassure and challenge my ideas on how to do this.”


Why did you bring in Kara?

“I’d been unsure whether I needed a business coach, a mentor, or someone from marketing. I’d also approached other people and been told that it could take a year or so to make impact and I felt a bit burned by previous collaborations. I was very set on areas of the business that I wanted to focus upon.I looked initially at a competitor of Kara’s who was also very competent.

Therefore, I had an initial phone conversation with Kara. She came back straight away with ideas that made me think, “This is someone who just gets my business and what I need.”

We agreed to meet face to face. She gave me two hours, which I thought was amazing and showed real investment. It really made me feel as if she was committed. I remember her drawing, jotting down ideas and coming up with different proposals there and then.

Even this very first initial meeting with Kara was a real download for me. I already felt like I had got some really good quality stuff.

Kara felt like a real partner straight away, someone invested in helping me; which is exactly what she turned out to be.

Kara was different; she focused me immediately on key issues in areas of the business that I wanted to target. She respected my wish to focus on certain areas but was also very clear from the outset on the best process for me going forwards.

 I chose Kara in the end because I got the ideal balance of creativity coupled with a clear, structured approach.

She massively rationalised the entire process.”


The Process

“The first thing Kara did was to very clearly define and categorise who exactly my clients were, who we should focus on and how we should do this.

Then she took my messaging, looking surgically at what we should be using and where we should be using it.

Even from this initial stage our work was clear, structured and focused.

We had a second phase in which we looked at my existing marketing. I won’t ever forget it; I was sending out 36 tweets a day, and she was just horrified! I had all sorts of stuff going out.

Kara took a step back and looked at some of the fundamental building blocks; categorising my client testimonies, tightening core pages on the website and devising a clear, structured strategy for moving forwards. We improved this fundamentals then created a Marketing Plan.


Front cover of Inside Out Image's 9 Neglected Career Skills

Front cover of Inside Out Image’s 9 Neglected Career Skills booklet

Kara also massively tightened up my copy. The consistency of language and messaging has improved hugely in all my material. Kara thought really carefully about the language that needed to be used and the messaging behind the language.

She would come in and consider straight away how we wanted people to respond to particular content, and go from there.

Once we had a Marketing Plan, Kara has supported me in implementing it.


For example, we worked together on marketing material such as a new lead magnet, The Nine Neglected Skills needed for Career Success. This consists of a series of emails culminating in a free e-booklet. Kara has shown me how to take this one piece of marketing collateral and make use of it again and again across all of my marketing campaigns.

We also developed a series of ‘postcards’ for me to put on seats at speaking events but also to use on my social media posts.

I now have a Marketing Plan that is set every few weeks, clearly outlining what needs to be done and when – and I know exactly why we are doing each activity, how to do it and what results to measure and expect.”

Inside Out Image’s postcards for use on and off line.


“I now have business from ‘being found’ on the internet and an increase in speculative enquiries, which hadn’t happened before.

There’s also been a significant increase in people being aware of me and seeing value in what I am offering through my messaging. While the amount of tweets and posts I’m putting out has significantly decreased, my engagement and awareness levels have increased – people are sharing, liking and commenting on my content, which positions me as an expert in my field.

The conversion of my clients has improved a lot.

Kara has tightened up all of my material, including the website, which a potential client scrutinises to check my credibility. This is where I have seen real impact and the metrics confirm it.”



Why would you recommend Kara?

“When you work with Kara, you feel as if she has your back, like it’s a real working partnership. I often think “what would I do without Kara!?”

What I love about Kara is that she is an ‘ideas person’ with a creative streak. But behind this she is exceptionally strategic and organised. Her structured approach enables you to have real clarity over what needs to happen going forwards.

Kara is very good at challenging your approach. ‘Why are you doing that?’ is something she will often ask, and this forces you to really look at your own practice.

Kara has made me feel much more assured and confident about my messaging; what I am saying, how I am saying it and to whom. I started off very clear that we would focus on the ‘individual’ rather than ‘corporate’ side of my business. But now I know I must use her on the corporate side as well, because it has not been ‘Kara-d’!

Kara has the ideal approach; she challenges you to think more effectively, providing a clear structure for what you are doing and how you are doing it. She is my ‘business right arm’.


Kara is such an important objective strategic partner now.

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