If you’re finding that your company’s marketing isn’t quite achieving the goals it needs to, then before you build more of the house, look at what your marketing is built on.

1. Do you have a Marketing Plan?
Does your business have a marketing plan that clearly lays out what you offer, who to, why they should buy it and how you are going to present it to them?

If not, then rushing out to “do marketing” without understanding your customers, your market place and how your product and service fits into it all, is like building a wall without the foundations – you’ll get so far before everything collapses.


2. Have you hired the right people?
The mistakes I commonly see are businesses which:

  • hire at too low a level, ie a Tactical Marketer, and then expect that person to effectively set the marketing strategy and direction
  • hire a specialist eg Digital Marketer, when what they need is a marketing generalist, then be surprised when their digital marketing is 95% of their budget and activity whether or not it’s what’s needed
  • hire someone who doesn’t have a grounding in marketing theory, so they are great at the “doing” but it’s without depth and real understanding of how marketing works
  • hire someone who, “can put together a decent presentation / write well / is good with colours” because they completely misunderstand what marketing is and how important it is to a business.

If in doubt about who to hire, contact a Strategic Marketing Consultant like myself who can advise you. Even better, join a programme like the Watertight Marketing Masterplan 12 month programme so that you will completely and utterly understand everything you need to know as leader about marketing for your business.


3. Marketing is done as and when, on and off
Bryony Thomas, author of the award-winning book “Watertight Marketing”, talks about “Unused Marketing Muscles”. As she says, if you are dipping in and out of your marketing, doing it as and when, it’s less effective than little and often.

Your company needs to do marketing regularly if you want to be marketing fit and really see the benefits; leaping to it when you all have time is going to lead to frustration when it doesn’t work as well as you hoped. A planned Tactical Marketing Plan allows you to do marketing regularly and effectively.


4. Marketing is based on self reference criteria
Wonderful, all of your team think that your branding and tone of voice is professional and reflects your serious market position…but to your clients it screams, “Wordy, overblown and riddled with punctuation errors”.

You are not important – your clients are. What do they think of your marketing? If you don’t know, find out.


5. Your marketing is all awareness based

The Watertight Marketing 13 touchpoint leaks

Let’s face it, awareness marketing activities are the ones that most people think of as marketing (eg promotion, PR, brochures, SEO, social media etc) and they are pretty fun to plan and do.

However, there is a whole Buying Process out there, and, if your marketing isn’t addressing every step of the Buying Process, then it’s not going to work that well.

This diagram shows every step of the Buying Process and the 13 most common places that businesses waste money on marketing as identified by Bryony Thomas, the Watertight Marketer.

For more about these 13 Touchpoint Leaks, watch Bryony’s 45 minute seminar.


Build on strong foundations

If you want to make sure that your marketing is built on strong foundations, but don’t know where to start, then let me help. I am a Strategic Marketing Consultant, helping SMEs build their marketing on the strongest foundations possible.

Contact me for an initial chat about how to make your marketing foundations as strong as possible.

Kara Stanford, Strategic Marketing Consultant, Hampshire, UK



This blog draws on key concepts, frameworks and illustrations that form part of the Watertight Marketing™ methodology. These remain the intellectual property of Watertight Marketing Ltd and are used with permission and under license.

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