Marketing is one of those disciplines that can soon get out of control. Whether it’s because you are working hard but finding your marketing doesn’t pay off, or because you are trying to keep pace with your ever-changing customers’ tastes and needs, marketing can soon seems like a chore and a bit of a hamster wheel that takes you no-where. So, here are five ways to help you take back control of your marketing.

1. Know your customers

When you truly know your customers, you can easily pick the right way to reach them, to engage them, and to develop an on-going relationship with them. If you’re stuck here, then hit your own customer data. This will give you key insights about what has worked (and not worked) in the past. Build up a detailed Customer Profile (sometimes called an Avatar). Really get to know them. Once you have this, you can then assess whether or not to do any piece of marketing against the question, “How would Customer X respond to this?”. If your Profile tells you they won’t have the reaction you want, then drop that piece of marketing.

2. Have a plan

I say this a lot and I am ignored a lot because this is actually tough. It is tough because you have to sit down and think about your customers, the ways to reach them, the key messages you want to get across to them and then formulate it into a plan on how you are going to reach them. A Tactical Marketing Plan gives you, your team and your suppliers control – you know what has to be written / produced / delivered and when by. You can get on with it. On time and schedule. It’s a much nicer feeling than the panicked, knee-jerk of, “Quick! We need to do some marketing! Now!”

3. Get the right person for the job

Often businesses have the wrong type of marketer doing the wrong type of marketing…and are surprised when that person doesn’t deliver the results they wanted. First, cover off the basics and check you actually have a marketer doing your marketing. Most businesses often need a marketing generalist, with a broad understanding of all areas of marketing, but hire “specialists” such as PR / event / digital marketers. If you hire a digital marketer, don’t be surprised if you predominantly get digital campaigns – great if that’s all your business needs. No so great if you need a range of marketing. My previous blog, “Read this before you hire a marketer” goes into more detail about how to get the right person for the job.

4. Know when you are doing enough

Sometimes your business might be doing TOO MUCH marketing. Read this excellent blog  “How much marketing is enough” by fellow Watertight Marketing Accredited Consultant, Julie Mitchell-Mehta to make sure your organisation is doing the right amount of marketing.

5. Prioritise 

While it may be tempting, there is no need to do it all at once. As Bryony Thomas, the Watertight Marketer, says, have something in place that is “functional not embarrassing”. Just making small improvements every week is better than one big burst of marketing and then stopping.

If you want help assessing and prioritising your marketing, then either watch this free 45 minute seminar. If you want expert advice and support, then contact me and we’ll discuss whether a Watertight Marketing Touchpoint Leaks Assessment is right for your business. At just £1500, I will objectively assess your marketing activities against the 13 Touchpoint Leaks, prioritise the order in which you need to tackle them, and give you solutions for the Top 3 Leaks.


To conclude: your business should have calm, confident control of its marketing. This will allow it to grow steadily, surely, adapting as you go, and getting the results you want, while maintaining everyone’s sanity and motivation.


By Kara Stanford, Strategic Marketing Consultant and Watertight Marketing Accredited Consultant

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