Communicating with your market place is one of the most visible elements of marketing (so much so, that Marketing Communications is often confused for being marketing in its entirety). Therefore, it is crucial to get it right. Here are five tips for developing superb marketing communications.

1.Know why you are communicating

Start at the end – what is the result you want to get from this communication? Be specific – what do you want people to think, do, or feel as a result of this interaction? If you want them to take an action, then you must make it easy for them to do it, clearly signposting next steps or calls to action.

2.Be very clear about who this is aimed at

You need to know exactly who you want to communicate with. This will help you understand what will appeal to them; it means you will know how to present your marketing communication in a way that is meaningful to them; and if you communicate in a meaningful way, they are more likely to respond positively.

3.Be imaginative

Instead of reaching for the same ways to reach out to people, be different. Pull together the people in your team who regularly interact with your target market. Then, create a detailed persona of who this communication is for. Have fun with it – decide on a typical name, age, background, attitudes, wants and needs. Then think about exactly what would appeal to that type of person, even saying, “Anita really likes podcasts as she can listen to them while doing a hard workout. This means the messages need to be clear, easy to remember, and repeated in different ways for emphasis, as most of the time she has half an eye on her Fitbit.”

4.Keep it on brand

Brand is more than colours and logos; it’s how you let your organisation’s values shine through in everything you do. When you develop communications, make sure that you are consistently “speaking” in the same voice, “looking” the same, and “feeling” the same. Any inconsistencies over your different marketing communications will either confuse people or, even worse, make you come across as insincere.

5.Get a sense-check

It happens – you know you need to produce something, you rush it or do it when tired, tick that box then…WAIT! If there is that voice in the back of your head that says it’s not quite right, listen to it. Run it past someone whose business sense you trust. Or a client who would give you honest feedback. Or a professional marketer, who will focus on whether this does the intended job. A sense-check can also be wrapped up with a proof-read, which is also highly recommended.


By Kara Stanford, Strategic Marketing Consultant.

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