The sun is (sometimes) shining, school has finished and half the emails you send generate out-of-office replies. It’s tempting to take your foot off the accelerator and relax your company’s marketing efforts over the summer.

You may not have the time to create lots of sparkling new marketing content over the holidays but, as Bryony Thomas, author of Watertight Marketing, points out: “Marketing is like fitness.” You need to maintain your fitness levels over the summer period.

Why bother? No-one is around…
Maintaining your marketing presence helps you address two key Watertight Marketing leaks:

  • Be where they are looking
  • Be there when they are looking.

It may feel like the whole world is on holiday, but they really aren’t. It’s vital to make sure you still have new content available for your prospects and clients in the usual places at the usual times.
If you don’t, your marketing, like fitness, will become less effective and be harder to pick up again in autumn.

How can you maintain your marketing? Our top tips:

  1. Revisit your old content and reuse it, rather than create new content. Watertight Marketing has a fantastic blog called “One piece of content. 20 ways to use it.”
  2. Check your social media and website statistics and identify your most popular postings. Revisit these and share popular posts. There are likely to be people who are likely to have missed them the first time round.
  3. If your prospects and clients regularly interact with you on social media, schedule content for when you are away.
  4. If you know they visit your website for content, make sure there is “new” and relevant content available to them.
  5. Schedule newsletters, e-shots etc in advance, on a timer.
  6. Have a clear marketing plan – then leave someone in your team to implement it. This could be as simple as, “Thank people for following us on Twitter” to, “Write and publish a blog on this topic”. This is where planned marketing comes into its own.

To conclude
Keep your marketing up over the summer holidays and you will often be ahead of the game, strengthen relationships and see very little break in your Sales Pipeline, not needing to start from scratch in autumn.

By Wenna Tudor, Marketing and PR Consultant, KMS Marketing

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