It seems like a new social media network springs up every five minutes. While it’s not relevant, or possible, for a business to use all of them, which ones should you be looking at?

Here’s a summary of some of the most commonly used “new” ones and why they might benefit your business.

Vine is a mobile app that allows users to create short (6.5 second) videos, which can then be shared through Twitter and Facebook. Even short videos can provide a great opportunity to engage with customers, demonstrate products, show off work you have done, preview new products and deliver key messages.
Top tip: Plan your video (read blog: before making it to get the most impact out of your 6.5 seconds.


Pinterest is a visual network, where people can share pictures, images and videos by pinning them to virtual boards, which are then browsed by users. You could use it to create boards with an ideal client in mind, to showcase specific products to them, or to illustrate what you do in different areas of your business.
Top tip: If you are posting original content, then add a watermark to it.


Instagram is a great tool for sharing video and photos, as well as engaging other users through the use of hashtags. It not only gives you the opportunity to share content (try to balance between “fun” images and business images) but you could also use it to run photo competitions and raise awareness of your business.
Top tip: Visit the Instagram for Business blog.


Youtube is the world’s biggest video sharing site. You can create your own channel for your business and share videos that establish you as an industry expert. You can also find good quality video to share with your followers on social media. However, you do need to be able to commit a significant amount of time to planning and making good content.
Top tip: Consider whether you will get a return from Youtube that is worth the time and effort you will need to put in.


Tumblr is a blogging and social platform on which users can share pretty much anything. It’s a very visual medium, which allows you to share content, and repost other content which may be of interest to your followers.
Top tip: Tumblr’s demographic tends to be young (under 25) so think about whether this is your audience.


We haven’t covered Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Google+ in this blog. If you want to find out more about them, read our blogs which focus on them specifically. There’s a list of links at the bottom of this blog.


Remember: before jumping in to any social media sites, do check whether it fits in with your marketing plan and ask yourself “why” you need to use these sites. What will be the benefit to your business?


It’s also worth reading this very useful article from Emarsys about the seven social media trends that they think will dominate 2015, and consider how these can be applied to your business.


By Morwenna Tudor, Consultant at KMS Marketing.

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