“Google+ is dead.” While the network may not have been the immediate success that many imagined, the network is far from dead. It has real value as a form of social media for your business. Here are our top seven reasons why.

1. SEO – Although people are still looking in to how Google+ impacts your business’s SEO results, the consensus is that it does.
Make sure your page is SEO optimised, get a “+1” button on your website and encourage people to use it. As one of the biggest search engine providers in the world, it seems unlikely that Google won’t be taking notice of your Google+ account.

2. Segmented audiences – Marketers love to segment audiences, so Google+’s circles are a marketer’s dream.
Using Google+’s Circles, allows you to target content and messages to specific people, making sure your content is seen by those it is most likely to impact. Sharing with circles rather than a public audience also means those users (depending on their settings) are more likely to receive a notification about the content you have just posted.

3. Be everywhere they look – If you are not everywhere your customer is looking for you, then they are less likely to be able to find your services. An active Google+ business page puts you in another place they will be looking for you.

4. Interact with key influencers – Unlike Twitter, where a key influencer may be receiving hundreds of Tweets a day, with less users of Google+, you are more likely to catch influencers attention and interact with them.
This feeds into SEO results, being everywhere your prospects look and also getting critical approval from people your prospects and customers listen to and respect.

5. Content, content, content – We all love sharing and reading great content.
Google+ gives you access to more content which you could then share (giving credit where credit is due, of course) with your followers on other social media sites.

6. Hangouts – Google Hangouts on Air are a great opportunity for your business. They allow you to broadcast your video conversations for free.
You can set up a discussion about an issue that really matters to your customers, with other experts. Then demonstrate that you are an expert in your field and give them another reason to choose you to give their business to.

7. Analytics – As well as Google’s normal analytics, which you may be familiar with, they have also introduced “Ripples”.
Ripples allows you to see how many people your posts have reached and how they have then been shared. It is a great tool for not only analysing which content is having the biggest impact, but also helping determine which content you may then want to reshare across your other social media networks.

By Morwenna Tudor, Consultant at KMS Marketing, and PR and Communications specialist.

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