Pictures of babies. Updates on people’s holidays. You may well be wondering exactly how Facebook can help grow your business. Here are nine reasons it could work for you:
1.      Customer timing – People often use Facebook outside main business hours, browsing in the evening or at weekends. Your Facebook business page enables you to post at times that work for your prospective and current customers, appearing in their news feeds at times which suit them and when they are most likely to see you.
2.      Lead generation – As well as raising awareness of your business, Facebook can be a fantastic lead generation tool. Competitions, giveaways, promoting your newsletter – anything that requires submission of an email address so you can develop the relationship further.
3.      Have conversations – the character limit on Facebook is much higher than some other types of social media. This means you can make longer, more informative posts and respond to comments, likes and shares in a more “conversational” manner than on other social media.
4.      Links to your website – Although the link between Facebook and SEO is still under debate, there is no doubt that Facebook can be a powerful tool to drive traffic to your website. As well as providing easy links, it also generates a great thumbnail (if your website allows it) providing a visual link to your site.
5.      Be everywhere they look – A key Watertight Marketing leak, if you are not everywhere your customer is looking, they may not find you. Using Facebook means you have one more of those channels covered.
6.      Who – Another key Watertight Marketing leak; if people don’t know who you are, then they can’t recommend you to people. Facebook gives you the ability to reach a wider audience who, in turn, can also share your information.
Still not convinced about using facebook? Then maybe these statistics will help…
7.      Demographic reach – Statistics say that 60 per cent of people in the UK have a Facebook page. However, part of the appeal of Facebook is the wide spread of age groups using it, including the over-50s, believed to be the fastest growing online demographic. Add to this the fact that Facebook seems to appeal equally to users regardless of education, income and location, and you can see why it can be a valuable tool for your business.
8.      Easy – Facebook is easy to use, with no additional knowledge required to run a business page. All you need is content!

9.      Wide audience – With more than 1.4 billion users (March, 2015), and 31 million of those in the UK, the number of potential customers you could reach on Facebook is incredible.
By Morwenna Tudor, Marketing and PR Consultant, KMS Marketing.

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