A vibrant, focused social media presence can play a key role in helping your customers choose to buy from you and keeping them satisfied and loyal. Here are our top four reasons to use social media.


Reason one: To raise awareness of your products and services
No one can buy from you or use your services if they don’t know you exist. Raising awareness of your business and what you do is crucial in order to drive people into your sales funnel and the first step on the journey to buying from you.

At this stage of the Buying Process, social media can help you:

  • Be seen by a global audience
  • Allow referrers and influencers to easily and quickly share your content with their network
  • Be everywhere that your prospective customers are
  • Increase your search engine rankings.

Social media is also a great place for finding others with similar interests, people who may need your products, or businesses whose offering complements yours. If you provide these groups with useful, relevant content, then they will be added to the group of prospective customers who are aware of you too.


Reason two: To generate interest
Once people know you exist and you are on their radar, you need to provide them with more information about your product. Just a little bit; don’t overwhelm them. You are drawing them in.
With some careful thought and planning, you can use social media to share key messages about your products and services, for example:

  • Videos of your products in use
  • Links to blogs
  • Links to free webinars

Reason three: To prove what your marketing claims
As people consider purchasing from you, they will look for proof that what you provide works.

Reviews, endorsements, facts and figures about results your product or service has delivered, testimonials from satisfied customers; all of these can be produced as social media updates which prove that you can do what you say you can.

Reason four: To reduce post-purchase dissonance
Yes, that is a real marketing term! In short, after we make a purchase, we have a moment of doubt. Was that the right choice? Is it worth the money we’ve spent on it? Should we have gone with another supplier?

Now, imagine your new customer is having all these feelings, then they see a great review about your product, retweeted by you, on Twitter. Or they see on your LinkedIn page that your service has just won an award. Or they catch a clip of a radio interview with one of your team providing an expert voice on your market place. All of these will reassure them that they have made the right choice.

All of the above is irrelevant if you don’t make sure your social media is interesting and relevant to what you do. If you know what your target audience is looking for, then tailor your social media to provide this information for them.

Ask questions, provide answers. “Talk” to people, make connections, share their content. Above all, when it comes to social media, be friendly, useful and have a range of content, aimed at prospective customers and customers at all stages of the Buying Process.

By Morwenna Tudor and Kara Stanford, Marketing and PR Consultants at KMS Marketing.

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