Want to improve your marketing in 2015? We’ve gathered together top tips from the KMS Marketing team and some of the fantastic businesses we work with, to help you get the most out of your marketing this year.

Treat marketing like fitness. Do a little bit every day, and build it up gradually until it becomes part of your life. Accept that new things may be painful at first, but once you master them and see the results, you’ll love it. So, find a few key things you can commit to doing in 20 minutes every day, and do them every day… for a whole year. You’ll be staggered at the difference it can make.”

Bryony Thomas, Author and Founder of best-selling marketing book, Watertight Marketing.

Understand the buying process. There is an established process we all go through when making a purchase decision. Your clients go through it too. Understand that process and you will be able to use marketing and PR to help your clients move along the Buying Process and to a sale quicker and more effectively.”

Kara Stanford, Managing Director, KMS Marketing
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SEO: Does your council have a local business directory you can be listed on? If so, get your business listed and make sure there’s a link to your website. Links to your website will help it achieve a higher ranking on Google. There is the added bonus that links from gov.uk websites are much stronger and more trusted by Google than other types of links, so will help much more with rankings.”

Geoff Roy, Natural Search Expert, KMS Marketing.
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Make sure all your products are working hard for you. Look at the profitability of all your products and services (don’t just look at revenue) and review any products which are not as profitable as they should be. If they can’t be made more profitable (either by reducing costs or increasing price) then consider discontinuing them. Unless they help to increase sales of other products (such as a gateway product), unprofitable products shouldn’t be in your portfolio.”

Rosalind Conkie, Marketing and PR Consultant, KMS Marketing
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Push your website users to a single conversion point: The Hick–Hyman Law describes a logarithmic relationship between the number of choices a user has and the amount of time it will take a user to perform an action. When laying out a web page and designing content, or creating a case study etc., it’s important to outline themes and actions upfront to minimise ‘noise’ and push your users through to a single conversion point or action.”

Rob Edwards, Director, FARM digital agency

Use a proof reader. It’s a good idea to use a proof reader as, even if you are capable of proofreading your own work, you may still miss an error. It could be something minor, such as a misplaced comma or an incorrect spelling, but it could be a significant error which changes the meaning of a sentence so that your written material does not properly communicate its intended message.”

Vivien Tesseras, Marketing Executive, KMS Marketing
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Get to the point quickly. In a marketplace of information overload, keep in mind that your clients have very little time to read and contemplate all the messages they are inundated with. Put yourself in their shoes and tailor your marketing materials to engage them quickly, clearly, and compellingly.”

Gemma Hall, Marketing and PR Consultant, KMS Marketing
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The most effective events are those that leave a legacy with the guests. Everyone is short of time these days so it is about respecting the time they have spent on your event and ensuring that their return is knowledge, experience and connections. Consider an opportunity to follow up with guests in a few weeks with added information or a memento to remind them of your message. Finally, and the most frequently ignored piece of advice, keep it simple.”

Julia Phillips, Fruitful Events, specialists in event management

You don’t have to pay for promotion. There are plenty of opportunities available to you to get your business’s name out there, to a wide audience, without having to have deep pockets. Local and national newspapers, trade press, guest blogging, academic papers – these are just some of the places you could get your company noticed, without it costing a penny. Coverage of this nature also holds the added bonus of credibility, as readers will understand you haven’t paid for it.”

Morwenna Tudor, Marketing and PR Consultant, KMS Marketing
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Design: How happy are you that your design represents your brand? Consistency is the name of the game here. If your brand (your reputation) already has a recognisable style then be careful to protect this as you consider refreshing your marketing material. Maintain your relationship with your existing customers by offering them something new but that’s still instantly “you”.”

Faith Pennycook, Marketing Manager, Brand 51, graphic design agency

Segment your services and your marketing. Make sure you target the right message via the right medium for your audiences. Use social media, a website and traditional print, but use different messages for each one and highlight different services via each one. The individual audiences deserve to be treated as such.”

Clare Kingsbury-Bell, Marketing and PR Executive, KMS Marketing
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Be relevant in your e-marketing. Segmentation will grow your email marketing engagement. Every email marketer is fighting for inbox real estate and engagement. Snazzy and catchy subject lines will always grab attention but can never be trumped by relevance. If your customer is receiving an email tailored to them at the right time and with the right content, they will be more apt to open your e-mail rather than bin it.”

Jamie Andreson, Marketing and PR Consultant, KMS Marketing
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