In a previous life, I was a journalist. While I’m firmly on the other side of the fence these days, I still use many of the lessons I learned in the newsroom today. Here are six that could help you get the most out of your marketing and PR.

1. Accuracy is really important
As a journalist, errors in copy could fall into two main categories: embarrassing or costly.
The embarrassing ones, while not ideal, would be forgotten, but the costly ones could have a much bigger impact.
However, accuracy is important in any business. Mistakes, particularly in anything which is client or customer facing, can look unprofessional and may misrepresent you to potential clients.

2. When producing material, read it.
Read it again. Ask someone else to read it for you. Then read it again.
It may mean what you are writing will take longer to finish, but the impact it will have on people’s perception of your business is worth it.

3. Be consistent
Most newspapers have a style guide and its key function is to ensure consistency across the content of the newspaper.
In business, consistency is important. Font size, type and the words you use are all part of the way your brand is perceived. Whatever you are writing, keep your target audience in mind. Don’t overuse jargon or technical terms. Keep it clear and simple.

4. What makes you different?
As a journalist, we had a standing joke about cheque presentations. We were told never to use these pictures and while these businesses may have had a fantastic story, because they suggested the same photograph as everyone else, their message was lost.
What makes you different to all the other businesses out there? Identify what makes you different and use it.

A good quote can make a story.
Have you thought about using quotes in your marketing material? Not only does it give you an opportunity to showcase your personality, but also to highlight what makes your business different.
Do you get testimonials from your customers? Using satisfied customers as ambassadors is a great way to promote your business. Don’t be afraid to ask customers for testimonials and, once you have them, use them.

6. Contacts
Contacts are vital for a journalist. Without contacts, there would not only be far less stories, but also far less interesting stories.
Contacts are equally vital for your business. Think about who you know, how you could help them, how they could help you, how you might be able to work together.
Don’t expect your contacts to turn into paid work overnight. It takes time and effort to build and sustain relationships, but they will deliver in the long-term.

By Morwenna  Tudor, a Marketing and PR Consultant at KMS Marketing.
Morwenna works with our clients helping them use PR as a successful part of their marketing. Contact us to find out how we can help your company use marketing and PR to achieve success.

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