There are many positive reasons to have video on your website. Not only will it immediately attract your potential customers’ attention and help you stand out from your competitors, it will also personalise your website and bring it to life. Also, Google recognises that video gives the most amount of information in the shortest amount of time and therefore gives websites with video a higher ranking in a Google search.

Just about anyone can make a video on a smart phone these days but creating a professional -looking, compelling video, that your potential clients will bother to watch for more than a few seconds, is another story.

First, think about who you’re targeting your video to. What message do you want them to take away from the video? You want to produce a video that captures and delivers the intended message in a way that engages people to want to know more or take action.

Next, plan ahead. Prepare a script or bullet points to remind you what you need to say. Don’t ramble, be concise. Keep your video short – no more than 3 minutes. People have very short attention spans, especially for internet video. They have a lot of distractions taking them away from your video.

Lighting and sound are very important. There’s no point having a video if people can’t hear or see you clearly. Beware of background noise and use a good quality external microphone. Use a professional that understands how to set up the most flattering lighting.

To make your video more interesting, vary your shooting angles and include plenty of interesting images. The same straight-on, eye level camera angle of a talking head can be very boring to watch.

Also think carefully about the backgrounds you’re going to use. They need to be simple, clean and relevant. Use some simple graphics to reinforce your key messages.

Finally, measure how successful your video has been. Checking the return on your investment is simple. It’s possible to look at the number of views you receive and the ratio of likes to dislikes. How many comments are generated and how positive are the comments left behind? And the biggest question of all is the percentage of viewers who respond to a ‘call to action’ in the video and text below.

Vicky Paterson is a Producer at Videolynks, a production company specialising in creating video for business websites, email marketing and social media.

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