"Marketing is not magic - it's a structured process."

Kara Stanford, KMS Marketing

Is your company’s marketing not quite good enough?

Let me show you how to structure and create effective marketing plans that actually work.

Are you the owner of a successful business but you feel like you’re wasting time, money and effort on marketing that doesn’t quite work?

Do you have a marketing person in place but you’re not sure they are doing what they need to do?

Or are you still at the stage where you’re doing all the marketing yourself but have reached the limit of your marketing knowledge, patience and time to make it truly effective? 

If you’re a smart person who has already built up a business but are frustrated because your marketing isn’t working as well as it should, then I can help. 

I take my clients through a structured marketing process, showing them how to review and plan their marketing. Then I either help their marketing team implement it, recruit the right people, or support them as they put the marketing plan into action.

“The clarity of Kara’s marketing process was very empowering for all of us”, Chloe Jay, Partner and lawyer, Shentons Mediators and Solicitors


Kara’s approach was structured and rigorous…she prioritised the strategic areas of work and developed detailed actions against the whole plan.”

Dr Mike Clayton

Business author and speaker, MikeClayton.co.uk and Online PM Courses

I’m Kara Stanford. I’m an award-winning Strategic Marketing Consultant, Teacher and Mentor. I help businesses understand marketing and how to use it.


I can help you to:

Want to learn more?

I will help you:

Understand your current marketing function and activities – and how to improve them.

Develop a marketing framework on which to “hang” your marketing activities, so all your marketing is highly effective.

Be more strategically-focused with a clarity of purpose.

Structure your marketing so that it drives business growth.

Put a clear marketing plan in place outlining the steps you must take to reach your goals.

Support you and your team as you implement your Marketing Plan.

Want to learn more?

Get in touch to discuss how to remove your marketing frustrations and replace them with focus, clarity, and results.

Using sound marketing theory and practical, workable marketing methodology, I help my clients develop and hone their marketing approach for now and the future.

If you want to be focused, energised and use marketing to deliver long-term, sustainable results, then get in touch.

I’d love to help you.

Would I recommend Kara to any company that is struggling to get the results they need? Yes.

 “Should you bring her in to be an objective, critical friend who can overhaul your marketing so it delivers results? Yes.”

Martin Ayrton

MD, FTP Concepts

Kara grasped the brief quickly and was able to provide much-needed clarity around the over arching strategic direction of the business.
It helps to have a second pair of eyes, and an expert, challenging, yet supportive expert who is also able to act as a professional “sounding board”; and that’s exactly what Kara was able to do.”
Neil Connaughton

MD, Pitch Perfect Sales

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