Does your company’s marketing need improving?

If you want to methodically review, plan and set up your marketing function so it delivers results, I can help.

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I’m Kara Stanford, an award-winning Strategic Marketing Consultant, Teacher and Mentor. I help SMEs improve their marketing so it delivers results.

  • Is your company’s marketing ‘not quite there yet’?

  • Do you have a good business but you want it to be bigger, better, even more successful?

  • Do you feel like you’re wasting time, money and effort on marketing that doesn’t quite work?

You’re frustrated. You’ve built a fairly successful business and you’re ready to take it to the next level.

You know you need to ‘do’ marketing and have tried different things (and marketing people) that don’t seem to quite work.

It doesn’t ‘quite work’ because no-one is really getting to the heart of the issues.

I take you through a structured, rigorous marketing process you and your team can understand and apply so your marketing actually works.

“The clarity of Kara’s marketing process was very empowering for all of us”

Chloe Jay, Partner and lawyer, Shentons Mediators and Solicitors

I take my clients through a structured marketing process, showing them how to review and plan their marketing.

Then I either help their marketing team implement it, recruit the right people, or support them as they put the marketing plan into action.

  • Understand your current marketing function and activities – and how to improve them.
  • Develop a marketing framework on which to “hang” your marketing activities, so all your marketing is highly effective.
  • Put a clear marketing plan in place outlining the steps you must take to reach your goals.


Let’s discuss how to remove your marketing frustrations and replace them with focus, clarity, and results.

Contact me to arrange an initial conversation.

Blog Posts

Five questions to determine your brand positioning

Five questions to determine your brand positioning

When strategic marketers talk about, 'determine your brand positioning', we mean ascertain the place that you want your “brand” (company) to occupy in people's minds. It is your responsibility to create that position through a range of brand and marketing tactics. But...

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Marketing metrics – stick with me, this will be a good one

Marketing metrics – stick with me, this will be a good one

I was on a call recently when a CTO said, ‘That’s numbers, if the Marketing Team know what they are’. It got me thinking: what is it about marketers and marketing metrics and measurements? Why do we have this (unfortunately, deserved) reputation?   We don’t give...

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Marketing Metrics  – some fundamentals

Marketing Metrics – some fundamentals

Marketing metrics and measurements are an essential part of marketing; they help you understand how well your marketing is performing, if you're going to hit your goals, and when you have reached them. Your Marketing Measurement system can be sophisticated or basic....

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