Review – make sense of your marketing

When you look at your marketing do you:

  • struggle to see what’s working and what’s not?
  • feel over-whelmed by how much you’re doing or underwhelmed by how little?
  • find that you have loads of great marketing ideas, but don’t have time to properly implement them?

It’s time to make sense of it all. 

review your marketing - tree branchesUsing a structured approach, a marketing review will help you understand your marketing, know you’re doing, and how effective it is. You’ll enjoy discovering what’s really going on and why. Then you can then set priorities and plan how to do your marketing in an effective way.

I can carry out objective, external marketing reviews of your organisation or I can support you as you carry out your own review.


Objective, external reviews:

  • involve at least a one-day workshop with you and your team
  • take you through a structured approach, making it fun for you and your team to review your marketing in a supportive atmosphere
  • leave you with a prioritised Action Plan, so you can start improving your marketing instantly
  • in-depth reviews can also result in a one-year marketing plan
  • prices start from £1500.

Supporting you as you carry out your own Review:

  • We’ll meet on an agreed, regular basis
  • I’ll support you as you do your review
  • I’ll provide that objective, expert, yet gently challenging eye
  • Prices are £110 per hour + travel expenses.

Did you know I use marketing review methodologies that are helping businesses worldwide achieve success?
As a Watertight Marketing Accredited Consultant, I’m trained and licensed to deliver the proven, highly successful Touchpoint Leaks™ Assessment and Watertight Marketing Audit and Action Plan.

Kara is a good strategic thinker, who warns us about the implications of taking certain routes if they wouldn’t benefit the business.Simon Fairbank, RSL