Plan – put the steps in place to help your business grow

Do you want your organisation’s marketing efforts to be focused, efficient and delivering the right results?

Does your company have lots of great marketing ideas but don’t know how to structure them into an effective plan?


Achieve steady growth

I can help you set clear, effective Strategic and Tactical Marketing Plans, which lay out a step by step approach to achieving long-term, sustainable growth.

Then, when we’ve developed your plans, I’ll advise you on how best to implement them and make sure that your marketing delivers results.

Call or message me, so we can talk about how to make sure your marketing is structured, efficient and effective.


What's in a Strategic Marketing Plan - a KMS Marketing Factsheet

Need reminding about what a Strategic Marketing Plan should contain?

Then download our Factsheet: What’s in a Strategic Marketing Plan – a KMS Marketing Factsheet

You can also read my blogs on how to plan better.

Kara and KMS Marketing provide honest, professional, expert advice on how we should structure marketing and PR for our business

Simon Fairbank, RSL