Review - gaining marketing clarity

Do you feel that your marketing isn’t quite right, but can’t figure out why?

Are you trying to grow but it’s not happening?

I can help you by reviewing your marketing to find out what underlying issues are hindering your growth.

As a Chartered Marketer and Watertight Marketing Accredited Consultant with over 15 years’ experience, I use methodical structured approaches to ensure we look at all the right things. And I adapt my approach for each client so that your review is exactly what your business needs.

Let’s work together to make sense of your marketing, so you know what’s working – and what’s holding you back.

My marketing reviews:

  • Use a structured approach which is adapted to your specific business
  • Can focus on one area of your marketing or all elements of it
  • Begin with a workshop with you and key team members, so we all understand what our aims are and how we are going to achieve them
  • Result in you having a report on your organisation’s current marketing
  • Give you a prioritised “Next steps” action plan, so you can start making improvements instantly.


Watertight Marketing Touchpoint Leaks™ Assessment:

Would you value knowing where you are wasting your money on marketing and how you are losing potential clients in your marketing process? Would you find it useful to then know how to retain these prospects and help them become loyal customers?

Then you’d value a Watertight Marketing Touchpoint Leaks™ Assessment with me.

This gives you:

  • a facilitated workshop with you and your team to assess your marketing activities and where you are wasting your money
  • a report full of practical ideas, and the order in which to implement them, so you stop leaking customers out of your business and start making more profit
  • a follow up meeting to discuss the report and what your next steps are.

As a Watertight Marketing Accredited Consultant, I am fully licensed and trained to use this multi award-winning methodology and approach with my clients.



Let’s talk about how I can help you gain marketing clarity.

“Kara’s Touchpoint Leaks Report was the most thorough and useful marketing report I have ever seen.

It is clear that Kara has spent a significant amount of time understanding our business. The report is full of brilliant ideas to implement now and in the future. It all seems possible now!” Emma

Strategy Co-ordinator, Law Firm, Surrey

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