Case studies:

I’m constantly writing new case studies about how I’ve helped my clients.

Please read the ones below and contact me for more information and to discuss how I can help your organisation.

Kara, KMS Marketing


When Kara, was first introduced to Martin, the MD, in 2012, Martin was frustrated. Despite working hard, having a great reputation and products, the business wasn’t delivering the results it should be and everything felt “painful”…

Read this case study to find out how I helped FTP Concepts get clarity, purpose and results: Case study – FTP Concepts and KMS Marketing


“Would I recommend Kara to any company that is struggling to get the results they need? Yes.

 “Should you bring her in to be an objective, critical friend who can overhaul your marketing so it delivers results? Yes.”

Martin Ayrton, MD, FTP Concepts



RSL, a successful engineering firm, decided it wanted to grow and sought a Marketing Consultant to help them do that. They brought in Kara Stanford, to help shape the business and use marketing to deliver the results they needed.

Discover how I helped RSL use marketing to support growth: Case study – RSL and KMS Marketing


“I’d worked with Kara previously. I knew she was a good strategic thinker, who would honestly warn us about the implications of taking certain routes if they wouldn’t benefit the business.”

Simon Fairbank, Regional Sales Manager, RSL



Past work – Portfolio:

KMS Marketing portfolio 2014

KMS Marketing portfolio, 2014