Can you honestly look at all your marketing and sales activities up and down the whole Buying Process and say that they are all working hard to help customers make that magical journey from prospective customer to loyal customer?

Philip Kotler’s Buying Process neatly lays out the process that every person goes through when making a decision to purchase a product or service. However, there is a really nifty way  you can usefully apply the Buying Process to your business and ensure that every step of the way your company’s marketing and PR is perfected so that you don’t waste precious time or money.


It’s called plugging your profit leaks. It’s brought to you by Watertight Marketing.

Award winning marketer, Bryony Thomas, worked with hundreds of businesses and found that they were all making common mistakes in how they set up and execute their marketing.  

She took this knowledge and mapped out on the Buying Process the 13 areas where businesses typically “leak” profit from their sales and marketing.


Watertight Marketing’s philosophy is simple: plug the leaks, increase your profit.


As Philip Preston, Network Manager for the CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) said about Bryony, “…her approach to small business marketing has amazing clarity and borders on the genius.”


So, here are the 13 Touchpoint Leaks that Bryony identified:
The Watertight Marketing 13 touchpoint leaks

The Watertight Marketing 13 Touchpoint Leaks © Watertight Marketing

How do you use Watertight Marketing to increase your company’s profit?

If you are serious about increasing your company’s profit and plugging those 13 leaks, we’d recommend you do one or all of the following:

1. Go through this free 45 minute tutorial
  • You’ll be asked thirteen questions to work out where your marketing operation is leaking profit.
  • Download your Touchpoint Leak Assessment Sheet to accompany this video tutorial
You will leave this session with:
  • Traffic light report on where your business is leaking profit
  • An action plan for fixing them
  • The order in which to address them for best effect

2. Read a free sample chapter

Prefer to download and read a chapter of the book? Then click here to get the first chapter free and find out how to start plugging those profit leaks.


3. Buy the book or e-book, Watertight Marketing by Bryony Thomas

Then register it (for free) to get free workbooks, access to Watertight Members’ online groups and more resources


4. Book me for a free seminar!

I’m an Accredited Watertight Marketing consultant. This means I’m licensed to use the Watertight Marketing methodology to help businesses move from good to excellent.
I’m available to speak at your business event, taking you through some of the Watertight Marketing philosophy that will instantly help businesses understand their marketing and how to stop it leaking profit. 

My seminars are fun, engaging, and, most importantly, useful and relevant.

Contact me for more information.




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